Information Collected

  1. Information collected on the website is primarily of two types - a. information users give CBIX and b. information that CBIX collects from users.

  2. Information users give CBIX is voluntarily contributed information, collected mainly through the forms they submit or while interacting with the website in forums or through their profile etc. This could be users' name, email address, preferences and interests etc. This information is personally identifiable and specific to a particular user. It is only collected when a user is logged-in to the site.

  3. Information CBIX collects about users is and will always remain completely transparent. It is not personally identifiable information and is of a generic nature to help CBIX gauge traffic, trends and usage of the website etc. This could be users' IP address, location data etc. This information is collected even when users are not logged-in to the site.

Use oF Information

  1. All use of information collected by and given to CBIX will be lawful, ethical and in keeping with the terms of this policy.

  2. Information shall be used to personalize and customize content, functionality and features on the website.

  3. Information will be used to enhance the security and stability of the site and its functioning.

  4. Information shall also be used to ensure effectiveness in delivery of the site's services and to ensure the optimum user experience and satisfaction.


Cookies are a standard web practice used across websites that store a string of information on a visitor's computer that is shared with the website through a user's browser every time a user returns to that website. CBIX uses cookies as a standard practice to track users, distinguish them from other users and to access their preferences. No personal information is stored or collected through the use of cookies.

Use of Information

The website links to external, third party websites and sources of information. Once a visitor leaves the website to go an external site, CBIX is not liable to ensure the person's privacy and users do so at their own discretion.


  1. All users reserve the right to amend, modify, delete or otherwise make changes to all and any content associated with their profiles while taking cognizance of the fact that the content in its prior form may exist on the site or the wider internet even post modification.

  2. Users own all content they share on their profiles and are only licensing CBIX, the site and its users to access and peruse that content on a voluntary basis. This license shall be non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free.

  3. Users may write to CBIX at any point in time to request differential handling of their content or in case they wish to opt out of a particular policy.

Information Disclosure

  1. Information that users share and that is collected on the site will be cached, accessible to other users of the site and to search engines.

  2. This content may be shared by other users as well as CBIX on the site and for other internal purposes. Users' content will never be rented or sold to third parties.


CBIX reserves the right to update and modify its privacy policy and at its sole discretion. All users are advised to check back for updates and keep themselves informed of CBIX's policies whenever voluntarily submitting information about themselves on the site, as well as otherwise.