1. CBIX reserves the right to modify or otherwise change any condition in this agreement including other policies and guidelines governing the service, at any time, at its sole discretion. Users are requested to review such changes from time to time.

  2. Users shall be eligible to use this website and its services only if they are eligible to enter into contract and are competent to agree to the terms of this agreement. If a user represents a corporate interest, they may use this website and its services on behalf of that interest only if they have been duly authorized.

  3. Data and information, whether collected automatically while a user used the website, or otherwise provided by the user with an intention to use the website, including all communication with CBIX, its employees, officers and associated third parties WILL BE SOLE PROPERTY OF CBIX and shall continue to be so irrespective of the user's discontinuance of use of the website or service for whatever reason. This does not include information provided by users for business purposes, which will be governed by the terms of a perpetual license.

  4. CBIX hereby agrees to safeguard any data and information collected, as under clause 3, and will share this data only with its trusted partners/agencies where in such information is required to facilitate or provide the user better service.

  5. Any data referred to in clause 3 and 4, may, however, be disclosed to a court, governmental or semi governmental authority under compulsion/dictate of law or order of a Court/tribunal, governmental authority.

  6. While CBIX shall make every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of any content or information covered in the website, it does not guarantee any such representation, endorse any particular coverage and shall not be liable for any action taken by users on the basis of that content or information.

  7. Images, graphics and any other information made available through third party websites strictly adhere to the copyright policies of the respective source websites. The user does not have the permission to copy the content from the CBIX website, regardless of the owner of the information's copyright policy.

  8. Users may however access third party sites through the platform using the published links. Once the user has left the CBIX platform, he or she shall bear all responsibility for his or her use and reproduction of the third party content.

  9. While CBIX will take all adequate precautions, it does not guarantee the safety or security of links and downloads owned by third party entities. Any downloadable content from the website not directly owned by CBIX shall be downloaded at the users' risk and CBIX shall not be liable for the same.

  10. Access and use of the website shall be governed by our Privacy Policy. CBIX hereby affirms the right to privacy of any individual using the website or its services. Users are similarly expected to respect the privacy and confidentiality of other users and CBIX.

  11. Users uploading content on the website shall note that:

    • Content will be approved by CBIX's admin team before any content is made live on the site.

    • Any such content must comply with the content guidelines of the website and terms of use as laid out in this agreement.

    • All such content shall be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary.

    • The user remains the owner of any such content but grants CBIX license to use that content.

    • The user's identity may be disclosed under cases of intellectual property or rights to privacy violations.

    • While the company vets all content posted on its site, it shall not be liable to any third party for the accuracy or timeliness of user generated content.

    • While CBIX vets all content posted on its site, it shall not be liable to any third party for the accuracy or timeliness of user generated content.

  12. No user of the website is permitted to:

    • Use the website or services for any purpose or in a manner prohibited by law.

    • Redistribute/resell, with or without fee, the data, reports, etc collected or accessed from our website/webpage.

    • Make copy of substantial part of data on the website, except as allowed under fair use principle and with due credits to CBIX.

    • Build any service/website/application that retrieves data on the fly for display to its users.

    • Conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities (including scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting) on or in relation to our website without our express written consent.

    • Use the website for any purposes related to marketing without our express written consent.

    • Use the website to transmit or send unsolicited commercial communications.

  13. By using this website, users acknowledge that they have read and agree to be bound by this agreement and all terms and conditions on this website.

  14. CBIX reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion to cease operation of the website and distribution of its products. In this it shall assume the responsibility and prerogative to present all its users with fair advance warning and notice, and make all monetary refunds wherever applicable.