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By admin March 15, 2017

Infrastructure projects are known for poor planning and massive delays. Public projects in this case are far more notorious than in the private sector. The NCR region has hundreds of competing agencies and departments responsible for development and building infrastructure. There are vast number of live and under construction projects that are scheduled to finish to meet the requirements of growing city needs.

However, land acquisition, innumerable permissions, budget requisitions and poor execution result in delaying projects and some of them are delayed for years, making them a never-ending mission.

Below are 5 of the most unbelievably delayed projects in NCR and all of them are Government projects:

1. Delhi Police Headquarters  – 22 Years Delay

A new headquarter building for the Delhi Police on Jai Singh Road was cleared in 1995 – to move them from their current MSO Building headquarters in ITO.  22 years later, Delhi Police still sits in ITO as the project has seen massive delays due to pending clearances from various agencies.

The project is finally under-construction and Delhi Police will move to their new headquarters from 2020.

2. Prison Complex – Mandoli35 Years Delay

New prison complex at Mandoli was proposed in 1981 to decongest prisons in Delhi. The construction was finally completed in 2016 after 35 years of initiating the project. Lack of co-ordination between the department of prisons and PWD led to numerous delays in the completion deadlines.

3. Dr. Ambedkar International Centre25 Years Delay

The project was conceived in 1992, but the construction work could start only in 2015.

The new Prime Minister Modi had promised to complete the project within 20 months and it is now 25 years and counting from conception to launch.

4. School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi29 Years Delay

DDA allotted 20 acres land to SPA, Delhi in Vasant Kunj in 1988 for the construction of new campus. 29 years on, the construction work is yet to begin. SPA took possession of the land in 1992 but did not fence it leading to encroachment by Unison Hotels Ltd. DDA suggested re-demarcation of the land parcel in 2003.

The School currently operates from 3 different locations still waiting for its own campus after almost 30 years delay.

5. Multi Level Automated Car Parking, KG Marg10 Years and Counting Delay

Conceptualized in 2007 to ease parking woes around Connaught Place area, after 10 years this project is yet to start. While DDA and NDMC cannot agree on land value and the economics, National Monuments Authority delayed in providing clearance.

After 10 years the project remains on the books with just the basement being dug.