Subscription Fees

  1. CBIX offers three types of membership, Basic, Standard and Premium Membership, which users can subscribe to on an annual or half-yearly basis.

  2. CBIX does not currently offer weekly, monthly or quarterly memberships.

  3. At the end of the membership period, users will be reminded to pay their membership fees to continue their use of the platform.

  4. If a user does not renew his/her membership in a timely manner, CBIX reserves the right to disable the user's access to CBIX until receipt of payment.

  5. CBIX will retain a user's membership account and information for up to 6 months after the discontinuation of a membership after which the information shall be deleted.

  6. Users receiving access to the CBIX platform through one of our discount or partnership schemes shall be exempt from standard subscription policies.

Cancelling Account

  1. Users may choose to cancel their memberships at anytime during the year before expiry.

  2. Users can cancel their membership directly from their settings page.

  3. Users may also call our helpline number to cancel their memberships via phone if desired.

Refund Policy

  1. Users choosing to cancel their memberships anytime within the first 7 days shall be entitled to a full refund of their subscription amount.

  2. In case of a genuine complaint or problem, CBIX may refund a user's subscription amount at any time during the year.

  3. Users choosing to cancel their memberships after 7 days will receive a refund of their membership fees on a pro-rata basis.

  4. All refunds shall be electronically credited to the user within a 15 days time period from the date of the receipt of the request to cancel.